Narrative therapy charter of story-telling rights

This Charter has been written by David Denborough on behalf of Dulwich Centre Foundation. For more explanation see David discussing the Charter on a free on-line video at Friday Afternoons at Dulwich   

Article 1  Everyone has the right to define their experiences and problems in their own words and terms.

Article 2  Everyone has the right for their life to be understood in the context of what they have been through and in the context of their relationships with others.

Article 3  Everyone has the right to invite others who are important to them to be involved in the process of reclaiming their life from the effects of trauma. 

Article 4 Everyone has the right to be free from having problems caused by trauma and injustice located inside them, internally, as if there is some deficit in them. The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.

Article 5 Everyone has the right for their responses to trauma to be acknowledged. No one is a passive recipient of trauma. People always respond. People always protest injustice. 

Article 6  Everyone has the right to have their skills and knowledges of survival respected, honoured and acknowledged.

Article 7  Everyone has the right to know and experience that what they have learnt through hardship can make a contribution to others in similar situations.

We welcome your feedback on this Charter. If you are interested in circulating it, discussing it in your workplace, endorsing it or suggesting additions or changes, please write to Alternatively visit the Dulwich Centre Foundation Facebook page

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